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Toys That Help Kids Read

If your children are just learning how to read, then you understand how important it is to encourage them to practice and develop reading skills. It’s helpful to look for ways to incorporate reading lessons into everyday situations—for instance, asking kids to sound out words on billboards as you’re driving. Fortunately, there are many cool toys out there that keep kids from getting bored with reading and make it seem like less of a chore.

Magnetic letters

Magnetic letter pieces are a classic but effective tool for teaching reading. The colorful plastic letters adorn the front of your refrigerator and allow toddlers to get a tactile feel for the different shapes before they can even spell. The more kids learn, the more they’ll enjoy arranging the letters to spell their names and other simple words.


You don’t have to use flashcards solely for rote drilling. Try creating games with the cards—spread them out on the table and ask your child to pick out a specific word. Reading flashcards, whether you buy colorfully illustrated packs or make some yourself, are ideal for helping kids become familiar with common words so they can recognize them on sight.


Today’s children are more technologically savvy than ever before. If you own a smart phone, your toddler probably knows how to work it as effectively as you do. That’s why toy companies are capitalizing on kids’ natural interest in all things shiny and flashy, creating tablets specifically for children’s use. LeapFrog, for instance, has developed tablets with hundreds of games and apps that children can play to strengthen their reading and math skills. E-books for children may feature read-along tools like a wand or stylus that kids can hold over an unfamiliar word to help them out.

As much fun as snazzy electronics can be for kids, it’s important to remember that the value of reading books cannot be underestimated. Whether your kids can read chapter books or they’re still learning the ABCs, you can foster a love of reading in them by curling up together to enjoy a storybook.

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