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Toshiba 55L6200U

Passive 3D, 120Hz, LED Edge Lit  8/10


Toshiba 55L6200U
Toshiba has been putting out some very strong value oriented LED TVs and the 55L6200U is no exception – the pricing on this model is very competitive. It has the new Aero design which is a super thin framing cabinet and 1.2” panel depth. It also contains a full QWERTY remote control, built in Wifi, built in Web Browser, a dual core video engine, and an upgraded audio system. While Toshiba’s Internet choices are not the strongest, they are adequate with your standard Netflix, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, and many more movie channel selections. The LCD panel is also a native 120Hz. Oh and let’s not forget that passive 3D is also included. Pricing starts around $1800 to $2100. There is also a 47” version the 47L6200U available.


New upgraded sound system (Audessey system)

Strong design elements (Aero design)

Price, Value for lots of Features

Clear Scan works well to reduce judder and helps fast motion scenes


Side angle Viewing quality shows some loss of contrast

Off-center at wide angles also diminishes color richness

Quick Specs

Res. 1080P

120Hz LCD panel

Edge Lit LED

3D Passive

Wifi Built In

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