Eco-Fused 6V7PW Review

Six-Pack Screen Cleaning Cloths  9/10


Eco-Fused 6V7PWKeeping fingerprint smudges off your iPhone or smartphone can be a never-ending challenge, but with the Eco-Fused 6V7PW microfiber cloths, the challenge is lessened. The bright blue cloths are machine washable, making them reusable and environmentally friendly. You won’t have to use sprays or liquid cleaners on your electronic devices unless you prefer to—the cloths work wet or dry. One side of the cloth is textured and wipes away greasy fingerprints and other residue. The shiny, smooth side with the patterns lets you buff and polish the touchscreen, leaving it sparkly and clear. Each of the six cloths comes in a resealable pouch for convenience and protection. The six-pack is available for $5.99.


Delicate material perfect for cleaning iPhones, tablet/laptop screens, and eyeglasses


Great value

Doesn’t leave scratches on touchscreen surfaces

Can be used wet or dry

Each cloth individually wrapped in resealable pouch


Sometimes hard to grip when cleaning surfaces


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