Titleist Vokey SM5

46 Degree Golf Sand Wedge  9/10


Titleist Vokey SM5 Golf Sand Wedge
The completely updated SM5 has lots of subtle changes from the SM4 design with groove pattern changes depending on the loft of the club. Lower lofts have smaller grooves and higher lofts get larger deeper grooves to help with spin. These wedges consistently rank at the top of the wedge pyramid due to their excellent playability and consistency. I like the new simple design, somewhat classic. If you hit a bad shot with this wedge, you can be sure it’s not the wedges fault. This things are precisely engineered for maximum precision.

Quick Specs

  • Tour Chrome, Gold Nickel, or Raw Black finish
  • 21 loft/bounce options from 46 to 62
  • $130

I like the new tour chrome finish. It’s comforting

Crisp feel on chips

Great spin from moderately tight lies

Great spin control out of the sand


I cant find any, it’s the complete wedge


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