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The History of Mascara is old as the Ancient Egyptians

Mascara is a cosmetic that is used to define, lengthen, darken and add volume to the lashes. It is one of the oldest known cosmetics dating back to 4000B.C. when the Egyptians first started using a homemade version of various ingredients including kohl, crocodile stool and honey.

In 1917, the first packaged mascara was created by Maybelline Cosmetics founder, Eugene Rimmel. This revolutionized mascara was made of petroleum jelly and coal and came in a cake form. The Maybelline brand, although reformulated, can still be purchased today. In 1957, mascara was modernized further by Helena Rubinstein who created a formula that came in a tube and wand formula.

Today there are many different brands and formulas to choose from. They all contain the same basic ingredients which are pigments, oils and waxes. Mascara has been and is still one of the most valued cosmetics in history.

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