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TekNmotion Yapster TM-YB100A Gaming Headset/Headphones

Gaming Headset  7.5/10


TekNmotion Yapster TM-YB100a
A versatile headset from TekNmotion, the Yapster TM0YB100A lets you listen to music, Skype, play games, or chat with these comfortable over-the-ear ear pads. The boom mic can be pulled down to the mouth or tucked up out of the way. Plugging it in is simple with the microphone port and the headphone port. The sound quality is good if not excellent; there are some occasional squeaky noises. The volume control and mic mute switch are in easy reach. Overall, these headphones work very nicely and are fairly priced at $19.99.

Quick Specs

  • Universal gaming headset
  • 3.5mm connector
  • 2.2m cord
  • 7” x 3.5” x 12”
  • 10.4 oz.

Padded headband

Boom mic swings up and down

Mic mute switch and volume control in easy reach

Affordable price

Versatile use


Makes some squeaky noises

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