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Tablet or Laptop?

Remember when laptops were the big craze? No? Well laptops were once considered what tablets and smartphones are today. That wore off after well…smartphones and tablets hit the market. Today for a minimal price you can get the power of a PC from 5 years ago, in the palm of your hand. It’s crazy how fast technology moves and I think we need to embrace it.

So should a tablet replace your laptop? Or should it simply server as a supplement to your laptop? Or is it just not needed period? Lets take a look at the benefits of both and draw a conclusion.


Tablets are very portable, more portable then most laptops, which is what is some of the largest appeal to some people. Watch movies in bed, on a plane, in the car, on the bus. Read the news, play games, you name it, all from your hand. It’s like a big smart-phone, which actually, IS what it is.

For this ultra portability you sacrifice many things, but this is where some will be able to look past a tablets flaws. The direct control of the mouse is not here, no physical keyboard (unless you use a wireless addon), and as you can imagine its a more watered down experience. But thats not to say its not possible to substitute a tablet for a laptop.

Tons of new apps are released every day that bridge the gap between laptop and tablet, making it possibly to have both fun on a tablet, and be extremely productive. Thus eliminating the need of having to carry your laptop around with you to school or the coffee shop.


Laptops are well…laptops. We know the power they posses, and the bulk most of them have. It’s not like it’s super heavy and we hate having to use every last muscle to carry them around – but it’s just annoying to have to lug around a big computer bag and keep track of cords/wires.

Or maybe you just want to do a quick run to the coffee shop and sit down for a bit. Who wants to lug a big bag, bringing a tablet is perfect for this occasion.

I can’t kill down the fact that having a full computer experience at this point in time definitely is more productive hands down – but tablets are catching up in their ability to act as a sole source of productivity and fun.

Which works for you?

Again, at the end of the day it’s up to you.

I find my table to be a nice supplement to my laptop and desktop. I can send documents to my tablet, and print them over wifi from my tablet later, eliminating the need to bring my laptop with me. Or I can bring it to the coffee shop on a sunday morning and have a coffee while I browse the news on my tablet. Most recently I have even been streaming content from my Desktop TO my tablet, which is pretty neat.

For ultimate fun – a tablet is the best choice.

For productivity and those who would want it for work – think of a tablet as a supplement that can’t just yet replace a laptop. But it’s a very good supplement that will make your life easier.

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