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Samsung UN40H5500

40” 1080p LED TV  8/10


Samsung UN40H5500
The Samsung UN40H5500 LED TV, like the Samsung UN32H5500, sees some significant improvements over last year’s F5500 series, mainly with the quad core processor powering the Smart TV features. We saw a great improvement in navigating around the Samsung Smart Hub, with much improved computing power. The other features are not much different from last year’s, but it remains a valuable purchase for this size TV. In fact, we saw a lot of similarities between this TV and the H6350 series, except that this model has a 60Hz refresh rate instead of 120Hz—which you may notice if you watch sports programs or play video games, but only if you’re really looking out for it. Overall, for $579.99, it’s a pretty good value.




Quick Specs

  • 40 inches diagonally
  • 1080p
  • 60Hz LED TV

Bright and colorful images thanks to strong edge-light LED lighting

Smart Hub apps have a decent mix of paid and free content

Extremely slim 0.3” bezels and 2-inch depth give TV a sleek appearance

Smart TV navigation and app loading run smoothly thanks to quad core processor


Slow and inefficient standard 5-way controls for web browsing

Off-center viewing sees quick color and contrast degradation

Sports programming and gaming has judders because of 60Hz refresh rate

Volume is okay, but sound quality is flat and not rich sounding

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