Sony Alpha NEX-5 Review

14.2 MP Digital SLR Camera  8/10


Sony NEX-5A small, lightweight SLR camera with fast continuous shooting, the Sony NEX-5 is reasonably priced at $459 and features 14.2 MP for sharp, clear images. Your subjects will stand out in detail against a soft, rich background with the camera’s large sensor. The sweep panorama mode is one of the nicest features on this camera, letting you capture stunning nature or cityscape panoramas. The HD video capabilities are quite fine, and the camera has a nice minimalist approach with regard to buttons and controls. The tiltable LCD takes up most of the space on the back of this compact model.


Fast continuous shooting at 7 frames per second

Large sensor produces sharp images with soft backgrounds

Modes include sweep panorama, auto HDR, anti motion blur, and handheld twilight

High-resolution 1080p HD video

Compatible with Sony’s E-mount and A-mount lenses

Controls are simple with a couple soft buttons and a control wheel


In continuous shooting mode, the exposure and focus are locked

Minimal buttons means more scrolling through menus

Missing built-in flash


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