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Sennheiser HD201

Lightweight Headphones  8.5/10


Sennheiser HD201 Headphones As far as budget headphones go, these are an excellent choice. For around $20 to $30, everything is just right. They may not compete with some of the more expensive options out there when it comes to noise isolation or bass levels, but that’s expected at this price level. These headphones are very light weight and have adequate padding. This means your head and ears won’t feel any discomfort after long sessions. They sounded great out of the box, but I felt that they lacked some bass. Mid to high tones came through crystal clear. Some adjustments to the graphic EQ on my laptop for bass levels really made a difference. That could be a downside for some users and the option is not always available. I also had to turn the volume up pretty high to get a good level, this may end up being a problem from certain sources. If you are in need of some headphones and aren’t looking to spend a lot of cash, these will do the trick.



Comfortable pads on ear cups and headband

Bright and clear highs

Produce dynamic, highly detailed sound without muddying

Good range depending on the source material and ability to adjust EQ

Long cord

Excellent Great value


Sounded somewhat muddy before I tweaked the graphic EQ on my laptop. Bass sounded much better afterwards

Low level of noise isolation

Volume needs to be pretty high to get a good sound in the headphones

Build quality might not stand being thrown in a backpack and toted around daily


Steve Holdgren Steve Holdgren is an engineer by trade and has worked for some of the largest energy related engineering firms in the world with his latest stint in Switzerland. He holds a degree is mechanical engineering… See more about Steve