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Mpow Streambot Y Review

Hands-Free Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Smartphones  8.5/10


Mpow Streambot YThe Mpow Streambot Y is a hands-free Bluetooth FM transmitter that works with Bluetooth-compatible smartphones. The rotating microphone transmitter fits in the car power socket and has buttons for volume control. Sound quality is very good overall; as with most FM transmitters, you’ll occasionally run across some static or interference. Phone calls may come off a bit tinny, but they’re still clear and loud enough to understand. The device’s technology cuts down on the echo and ambient noises in phone calls. We appreciated the easy set up and simple controls, which won’t be a hassle to operate while you’re driving. Even better, the transmitter “remembers” your preset phone, so it connects automatically. The Mpow Streambot Y is available for $36.99.


Charges devices while streaming

Hands-free calling for safety and convenience

Wireless kit frees up your car of a tangle of cables

Includes GPS voice navigation

Recognizes your phone so you don’t have to “connect” it each time

Easy to tuck out of sight to prevent theft


On/off function requires holding the button for a few seconds


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