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Samsung DV405ETPAWR

7.4 Cubic Foot Gas Dryer  8.5/10


Samsung DV405ETPAWR Gas Dryer
This is another gas dryer on the list that utilizes steam to further protect your clothes from wrinkles and unwanted odors. It is also equipped with a sensor to measure the amount of moisture in the clothes. The dryer then adjusts the amount of time the clothes need to dry. This can save on a lot of wasted energy costs that are easy to rack up when it comes to drying clothes. Some of the 13 drying cycles include wrinkle free, energy efficient, air dry, delicate, heavy duty, towel dry, and steam dry. The stainless steel drum is very large measuring in at 7.4 cubic feet. This is close to one of the largest dryers on the list.

Quick Specs

  • 13 cycle modes
  • 5 temperature settings
  • 39” H x 27” W x 30.38”D
  • 7.4 cubic feet capacity

The 13 drying cycles are more than enough to find one that is just right for any situation

This gas dryer is very quiet once it gets up to speed in the drying cycle

The dryer has enough stability to prevent earthquake-like vibrations

It is an attractive dryer that will add a good deal of style to the laundry room


Large items such as sheets tend to get balled up in the dryer

Some cycles take nearly an hour to finish



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