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Quick Mill Monza Review

Super Automatic Coffee Maker  9/10


Quick Mill Monza ReviewA deluxe super automatic espresso machine suited for both commercial and home use, this Quick Mill Monza model has a lot of convenient programming options, all highlighted on the bright LED display. While the coffee-making process is taken care of for you, you still have control over a host of factors, including the temperature, brewing time, and cleaning cycles. The stylish machine even lets you add decaf pre-ground coffee if you so desire. This behemoth machine, costing $2,595, takes up a lot of space, but you can choose to use the tank or hook it up directly to your water supply.


Suited for commercial or home use

Controls let you program brewing time, temperature, and cleaning cycles

Steam wand reduces burned fingers

Accepts decaf coffee

Water can come from the tank or directly from your water system

LED display makes programming options easy and direct


Very expensive

Takes up a lot of counter space


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