Booking Trips on a Budget: Comparing Priceline and Hotwire


Everyone enjoys a vacation every now and then; the challenge is finding good deals on flights, hotels, and ground transportation. Many online travel site let you search for fair prices and make arrangements from the comfort of your home. and are two sites in particular that offer savings and special deals on flights and accommodations. They can offer such low prices because they’re partnered with airlines, hotels, and car rental places, helping them fill empty rooms and seats that would otherwise go unsold.

With Priceline, you place bids on what you think a flight or hotel room is worth. Bidding can take a while—if you turn down an offer, you must wait 24 hours before placing your next bid—but you can find some great deals if you’re patient.

Hotwire doesn’t involve bidding; you select a hotel room based on the price and the description of the amenities offered, but you don’t find out the exact hotel name until after you’ve made your payment. Prices are a little higher than Priceline’s, but you have to remember that you’re booking rooms right away without worrying about bidding.

Whichever option you choose, it’s advised to call the hotel after booking a room to confirm your arrangements. You can specify how many beds you need and whether it’s smoking or non-smoking. Also, consult other travel sites like to read some feedback from travelers so you know what you’re getting in advance.

Budget travel sites are a convenient option if you really need to travel on the cheap. They’re designed to help you throw together a last-minute trip with reasonable prices. You just have to remember to be flexible; often the flights they offer are at unusual times—early in the morning or late at night.

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