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Panasonic TC-L55DT50 Review

55” Edge Lit LED HDTV  8/10


Panasonic TC-L55DT50This second to the top of the line from Panasonic has loads of new features in their largest ever size of LED HDTV technology. We’ve seen this model in action and it shines even though we expected less, since Panasonic is more known for their plasma panels. This TV has a super sharp looking black front metal frame of only .25” in width on the sides. It transmits full HD 1080p 3D to each eye from the IPS LED panel which is Panasonics best LED-LCD panel for 2012 (and early 2013). The screen on this TV is clear and not the matte anti glare screens we typically do not like.


Has Web Smoother technology to help smooth Web based images

Has edge lit local dimming technology

3D Real Sound feature is effective at “centering” the sound eminating from the TV

Great looking set with .25” (metal and glass) frame design (in black)

Aside from small touchpad remote control has almost all the features of highest end at a better price


CATS system flickers slighty when picture changes from very dark to light scene (may be turned off)

Backlighting is not true fully array local dimming LED (it’s edge lit instead)

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