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Panasonic TC-L47ET5

Viera, Passive 3D, 1080p, LED TV  9/10


Panasonic TC-L47ET5
The TCL47ET5 is the 3rd model down in Panasonic’s LED lineup for 2012 and the first ever passive 3D from Panasonic. After touting active 3D they introduced this one model with passive 3D to compete in that arena as well. There’s a good bit to like about this edge lit LED offering including good design appearance and what I consider some of the best side angle viewing in LED TVs – especially mid-range LEDs for 2012. That is due to some special technology – a louvered design of the LCD panel that allows the light to enter but not escape. It helps with glare and off-angle viewing quality.

With the passive 3D offering you get lots of glasses free (4 to 6 depending on the dealer and promotion). And adding more pairs is not going to set you back much – maybe $10 a pair. The TC-L47ET5 is available as of March 2012 and costs anywhere from $1250 to $1350 – very attractively priced. The ET5 series is also available in the 55” Panasonic TC-L55ET5 and the 42” TC-L42ET5.


Very good side angle viewing quality

Excellent clarity from the clear LCD screen panel

Has 360 simulated Hz refresh rate due to manipulated backlight

Lots of Value for the features

Built in Web Browser, Wifi, Panasonics Viera Connect

Contrast – especially peak brightness


Not the spiffiest looking set – but pretty good

Polarized 3D not as deep as active 3D

Color not as natural as plasma

Quick Specs

47” Viewing Size

Dims: 26.3H x 43.6W x 2.1D in.

3D – Passive

1080p Res

LED edge lit

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