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Panasonic SC-BTT490-Review

Blu-Ray Player  8/10


Panasonic SC-BTT490 Product Page: Full 3D Blu-Ray Disc Home Theater System
Panasonic is launching the SC-BTT490 home theater system in April 2012. Designed to enhance the Full HD 3D Blu-Ray experience, this home theater system produces theater-like surround sound from 30 real and virtual speakers. You’ll be able to hear sounds from all around and detect the directions they’re coming from. Anti-Jitter Digital Amplifiers prevent jitters from booming audio to cause distortions. The SC-BTT490 also lets you access video streaming services and personal content from your DLNA-enabled network. With the Panasonic Smartphone Remote Control app, you can easily operate the home theater system with your phone touchscreen. The price is TBA.


Anti-Jitter Digital Amplifiers reduce distortion

Theater-like sound quality

Viera Connect lets you pull up web content and video-on-demand movies

Direction perception control technology lets you feel immersed in the sound

Connects to iPhone or iPod to preserve the pristine audio quality of songs

Lets you access Netflix, Cinema Now, YouTube, Facebook and Skype

Operates with the Panasonic Smartphone Remote Control app

Lets you pull up content from DLNA-enabled devices and networks


Price TBA

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