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Panasonic RP-HTX7 Review

Black Monitor Headphones  9/10


Panasonic RP-HTX7A high-quality monitor headphone set from Panasonic, this model features a classic retro design with a leather headband, large cans, and puffy ear pads. The headphones are adjustable using piano wire sliders. For a $29.51 set of headphones, it’s quite durable and easily portable if you want to connect it to your mp3 player while you’re on the go. The 4-foot cord is long enough, but you can purchase an extension cord if you like listening to music at home from your stereo. We were impressed by the powerful, detailed sound on all levels. It’s great at reducing muddiness and distortion.


Provides rich, detailed sound in both highs and lows

Cool retro design

Leather headband and adjustable ear pads with piano wire sliders

Durable and portable

Great quality for the price

Available in stylish colors


Don’t block out other noises in the room if the volume is too low

An extension cord would be helpful if you’re listening at home


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