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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS30

18.1 Megapixel Wifi Digital Camera  8.5/10


Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS30
The LUMIX DMC-ZS30 is a feature packed 18.1 megapixels point and shoot capable of shooting 1080p video. The connectivity features are what really make this an interesting camera. Wifi makes sharing with friends and sending photos to the computer extremely easy through he 802.11 b/g/n connection. You can also connect a smartphone or other mobile device using special apps to control the camera remotely. Something like that would be a god-send for situations like family portraits with no one to stand behind the camera. The camera is powered by a wide 24mm lens with 20x optical zoom. That means it will be hard to find a shooting situation where this camera will not suffice. On top of all that Panasonic loaded the camera with shooting modes to take the pressure off when it’s time to capture the important memories. Assist feautres include: 5 axis correction for handshake and tilt, lightspeed AF for fast auto focusing, and face recognition that sees faces and adjusts the exposure accordingly. The DMC-ZS30 carries a suggested retail price of $399.99 and will be available as soon as March 2013.


Panasonic says it is one of the slimmest 20x optical zoom cameras around

1080p video recording

Improved battery life lets you get more photos and record video longer

24mm lens is great for indoor and tight situations

Wifi with smartphone connectivity takes sharing to a new level

Intelligent ISO control


The camera can shoot at 10fps but is only capable of taking 6 of those (a little confusing, but really means it can take 6 pictures @ 10fps)


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