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OtterBox Review

Smartphone and iPhone Cases  9.5/10


OtterBox Smartphone and iPhone CasesNo matter what smartphone you own, you’ve probably heard of OtterBox and its innovative techniques for protecting these valuable devices from destruction. OtterBox’s cases are fairly indestructible themselves. Made of the toughest, thickest materials like silicone and polycarbonate, they’re much stronger than the typical rubbery case you can pick up for not much money. OtterBox’s headquarters are in Fort Collins, Colorado, and its members make a habit of testing out the products while they engage in active sports: biking, snowboarding, hiking, running, boating, etc. If they feel confident that their cases will protect their smartphones even in semi-perilous situations, then you should too.


Known for strong, durable cases that protect smartphones from damage and rough handling

Its waterproof cases keep valuable devices dry even in full submersion

The Commuter series features slim, stylish cases for everyday use

Incorporates creative designs and patterns, such as camouflage

Uses the strongest materials to protect devices from impact

Innovative and creative


Some people don’t like cases with a lot of bulk, heaviness, and texture

Some OtterBox cases collect dust and dirt in the crevices

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