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Oliso TG1600 Review

Clothes Iron  8/10


Oliso TG1600 ReviewIf you get tired of the repetitive motion of setting the iron back on its heel, then you’ll be impressed with the Oliso TG1600′s levitating feet feature. Smart technology detects when you release the handle and raises the iron up on its feet to prevent burning. When it feels your hand again, it lowers down onto the fabric. We were excited by this cool feature, but that’s not the only good aspect about this iron. The steam works effectively at removing wrinkles, and the steam dial is conveniently located on top of the handle where you can access it better. For $169.99, this Oliso model’s clever levitating technology makes ironing a less tedious task.


Cord pivots 360 degrees for greater mobility

Auto shut-off after 30 minutes

Digital sensors lower the iron when it feels your hand and lift it up when you let go

Levitating design prevents accidental burns and saves you the trouble of setting it upright

No-drip steam options include vertical, horizontal, and continuous

12.7-ounce tank fills easily from the side and takes tap water

Soleplate has rounded edge and pointed tip for smooth gliding and working into corners

Dial is on top of the handle, not underneath


Minor leaking when iron is pushed back and forth quickly


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