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Black & Decker D6000

Clothes Iron  9/10


Black & Decker D6000 Steam Iron ReviewEven clothes irons can be packed with features. The Black & Decker D6000 is a perfect example of that. It really takes most of the guesswork out of ironing various clothing items. The simple, easy-to-grip design makes it one of our favorites even if it does seem a little crowded around the handle. The controls under the handle are a little awkward to reach, but the screen display makes it clear what temperature and fabric settings you have chosen. The iron heats up very quickly and lets out an audible beep when the temperature is ready to go. The steam options are handy, too, including a steam burst and vertical steaming to get out all the wrinkles in your clothes. It does have a little more weight to it than some of the other models on the list, so it may be tiring for the hand if there are a lot of clothes to be ironed. For $45 it isn’t cheap, but it is an effective iron.


Digital display shows temperature and fabric settings

Miniature LCD display is backlit for easy viewing

Audible alert when temperature is ready

1500 watts is plenty to get the temperature hot very quickly

Surge of steam works great for the toughest wrinkles

Motion sensors allow it to turn off automatically when not in use

360 swivel cord is a great feature that doesn’t get in the way


The weight of this unit can cause fatigue with extended use


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