Nike Victory Red V-Rev 56 Degree

Golf Sand Wedge  8/10


Nike Victory Red V-Rev 56 Degree Golf Sand Wedge
This is a nice solid wedge at a fantastic price of only $59. It has one bounce angle of 10.0 which is going to be good for your average golfer to play sand shots with. It is available in black satin and satin chrom finishes. The black satin will cut down on glare while you are out on the course and setting up. Many see this is as a big benefit over chrome finishes. It will also be good for chipping at that bounce angle.Has a nice stiff S400 steel shaft.

Quick Specs

  • $59
  • Loft: 56
  • Bounce: 10 or 14
  • Finish: Matte Satin

The budget price gives a lot of performance for anyone curious about Nike’s wedge

The Dual Sole design allows for versatility in all sorts of conditions


The black satin finish is known to rust over time

Some may want a little less stiffness in the shaft


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