Mizuno MP-T11 58 Degree

Golf Sand Wedge  9/10


Mizuno MP-T11 58 Degree Golf Sand Wedge
If you prefer the chrome satin look and a slightly lower price, this Mizuno wedge will not disappoint. It has the legendary feel of Mizuno’s MP line of wedges. One the great features implemented in this wedge are the quad cut grooves. These enable the maker control the width, depth, draft angle and shoulder radius of each groove with extreme precision. The result is maximum spin control and ball-stopping ability. These new wedges combine Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forged® feel with a Tour confirmed head shape and sole for unmatched precision and versatility.

Quick Specs

  • $99
  • Loft: 58
  • Bounce: 10.0
  • Finish: White Satin

Accuracy, consistency, and spin all recieved high marks in this sand wedge

Price for performance is excellent

Design and construction quality are top notch


All of the bounce options seen on other wedges are not available on this one.


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