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Long Slot Toasters: The New Toaster Style


A new kitchen appliance style that seems to be gaining more and more attention is the elongated toaster. Traditionally, toasters come in paired slots (either one or two pairs), but the elongated toaster extends those slots to accommodate two slices of bread or one slice of larger artisan/homemade bread.

So what are the benefits of these elongated toasters (besides the aforementioned ability to fit artisan bread)? Well, they’re quite sleek and modern looking. Because they’re narrower, they arguably take up less counter space than their bulky traditional counterparts. Some designs, like the Hamilton Beach Perfect Toast 2 Slice Toaster, even have the controls on the long side, allowing you to set the toaster against the wall and save space. The Cuisinart CPT-2000 even throws in a motorized carriage to complete the futuristic toaster look and feel.

As much as people like what’s familiar, elongated toasters may soon be gaining in popularity and competing for that coveted spot on your kitchen counter.

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