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4.7 Cu. Ft. SmartThinQ Top Load Washer  8.5/10


LG WT6001HV Washing Machine ReviewThis top load washer from LG is available in sleek graphite steel. The WT6001HV is a high efficiency ultra-large capacity washer, so you’ll never be worried about those giant loads of laundry. It uses SmartThinQ technology which allows you to monitor your washer remotely and even download new wash cycles. The Automatic Grid feature even tells the washer to run when electricity is the most inexpensive. It is all controled with a 7-inch touchscreen display instead of mechanical controls. This makes us a little weary since you never know what might happen to the electrical controls. The WT6001HV uses Wave Force technology to get just a little more washing power. This features uses powerful water jets and rapid drum movements to go the extra mile for clean clothes. Even cold washes clean well, thanks to the unique combination of washing motions that ensures every clothing article is reached. The extra-large stainless steel tub holds larger loads, meaning you’ll have fewer loads to run overall. For $1,497, this LG model has an attractive modern design and superb cleaning performance.


Touch screen makes selecting cycles and other options easy

6 combined washing motions mean better cleaning performance even with cold water

Direct-drive motor has few moving parts and is backed by a 10-year warranty

Extra-large tub capacity holds larger loads and cuts down on overall number of loads

The washing machine is very quiet during operation


Touch screen console is nice, but provides extra hassles if something happens to it

No steam options are available

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