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Samsung BD-J5100

Blu-Ray Player  8/10


Samsung BD-J5100
For only $77.99, the Samsung BD-J5100 is an ideal bare-bones Blu-Ray player that has a surprisingly fast loading time. This lightweight, compact model won’t take up much space in your entertainment station, and it includes HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and HDMI-CEC ports. We liked the quick-start option, which keeps the player in an active sleep mode; when you’re ready to start it up, it boots up right away. We have no complaints about the 1080p picture quality. If you don’t care that this model has no Wi-Fi and you have to connect it to a router, then you’ll be pleased with its affordable price and simple interface. Our only major complaint is that it doesn’t have a light to indicate when it’s on.


Loads Blu-Rays quickly without lagging

Great picture quality, even upscaling DVDs

Connects to Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora easily

Includes buttons on the player in addition to the remote

Great quality budget model

Small footprint


Lacks Wi-Fi

No external display, so you can’t tell whether it’s on or off

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