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LG BD630 Blu-Ray Player Review

Blu-Ray Player  7.5/10


LG BD-630 Blu Ray Player
The LG BD630 is an affordable Blu-Ray player at $59.99 that still offers enviable streaming capabilities. It connects to video streaming programs like Netflix, CinemaNow, VUDU, and YouTube for fast movie access. Additionally, you can insert USB storage devices to the port in the front and pull up your own video content and photographs. The full HD 1080p is incredibly sharp and vibrant in color; even standard DVDs will look better thanks to up-scaling. Best of all, you can connect all your HDMI devices to one remote control, thanks to SimpLink—no more hassle of operating multiple remotes just to set up a movie. While this Blu-Ray player isn’t 3D or DLNA enabled, it still provides plenty of great features and high quality performance.


With SimpLink, you can connect all your HDMI devices to one remote

Bonus View allows for picture-in-picture

Streams videos from Netflix, CinemaNow, VUDU, and YouTube

DVD up-scaling improves the picture quality

USB Media Host lets you display photos on the big screen

Affordable and a good value


Not DLNA enabled

Extremely lightweight—slides back when you insert a USB flash drive or cable

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