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LG 55LM6700

55” LED Television, 3D Passive  9/10


LG 55LM6700
One the reasons we really like the LG 55LM6700 is the exceptional looks and design of the panel. The cabinet is almost invisible – leaving you with a “floating” picture image on-screen. Combine that with the 1.2” depth and you’ve got a very sleek looking set. A few of the features in the top end LG models for 2012 that we think can be bypassed are the 480Hz refresh rate panel and true local dimming. Though we like the local dimming feature a lot, it does add a lot to cost. The picture quality on the LG 55LM6700 (120Hz panel) will not disappoint you. The new clear coat screen for 2012 is exceptionally vibrant.

Side angle viewing is much better than previous models though not as good as the top end models due to the panel filter not being as high quality. Another feature that helps bring forth a beautiful picture from this TV is the LED Plus technology which uses some edge lit LED backlighting techniques to enhance contrast in localized areas of the screen. OK that might sound a little technical but to put it in laymans terms – it helps produce deeper blacks and brighter light areas on a smaller basis than before and that combination helps colors to pop. Pricing runs right around the $2000 mark up to $2300. The model is also available in a 47” version – the LG 47LM6700.


LED plus local dimming back lighting helps contrast

LED plus also helps side angle viewing quality clarity

Clear Coat screen is clear and helps prevent glare

LG Smart TV options are very strong

Bright LED backlighting does well in brightly lit rooms

3D passive viewing is good, economical, and easy on the eyes (4-6 pairs of glasses included)

Colors are natural and vibrant


More glare than the higher end models

Sound quality not the best

3D viewing quality not as deep as active 3D (but still very good)

Price is still a little higher than some other mid-tier models


55” View (Diagonal)

Resolution: 1080p (Full HD)

48.5” X 28.5” X 1.3” without stand

3D – Yes, Passive

Steve Holdgren Steve Holdgren is an engineer by trade and has worked for some of the largest energy related engineering firms in the world with his latest stint in Switzerland. He holds a degree is mechanical engineering… See more about Steve