Sharp LC-60UQ17U

60″ HDTV  8.5/10


Sharp LC-60UQ17U
The Sharp LC-60UQ17 is the smallest of the UQ series sizes at 60-1/32 inches diagonally, with prices beginning at around $2,500. We were pleased by the bright, colorful picture, thanks to the Quattron+ technology that adds more sub-pixels to create sharper details. This TV also has built-in upscaling to produce a sharper picture than most 1080p screens can manage. The Active 3D playback is satisfactory as well; the TV comes with two pairs of glasses. While we prefer last year’s passive 3D, this model’s 3D adds great depth, especially when you sit front and center. A drawback is that the glasses, while comfortable, are $50 a pair. The Sharp LC-60UQ17 also works well in bright rooms. The main flaw we noticed was that the matte finish produces a slightly flat-looking picture.

Quick Specs

  • 60-1/32″ Diagonal
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate Panel
  • AquoMotion 960
  • 4 (4K Ready) HDMI inputs
  • 15 watt Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth Audio

Bright peak whites and light flow

Increased sub-pixels lets it upscale 4K content on a 1080p resolution TV

HD content produces really strong colors

Provides several menu options for enhancing picture quality

Great value considering the screen space

Sharp brand respected for its reliability

Smart TV interface has been improved and made easy to navigate


Has a flat-looking picture thanks to semi-matte screen finish

Viewing angles are not the best when off-center

Remote keys are not backlit and may be too small for some users

Sound quality is not the best we’ve heard



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