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LG 50GA6400

50” Google LED TV  8/10


LG 50GA6400 Google LED TV
This TV is very similar to the LA6200 listed above, but it has a Google Chrome interface and operation for the browser portion. The 50GA6400 has a dual core processor to power everything from menu navigation to surfing the internet. Another difference is the addition of the two side QWERTY keyboard Magic Remote. You get the crazy good functionality of the voice recognition on the Magic remote with the QWERTY keyboard on the other. From our experience you will likely choose for the former.


QWERTY Magic Remote

4 HDMI inputs

Good speakers and sound quality

Color Accuracy


Not the best gaming performer (motion lag)

Sometimes Apps take to long to load

Apps playback speed

Trumotion feature with movies (learn how to turn it of)



Edge Lit LED



Passive 3D

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