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Lenovo G570 43347PU Review

Lenovo 15.6″ Laptop  9.5/10


Lenovo G570 43347PU LaptopLenovo is the now defunct line of what was IBM. Back when IBM made business class computers, Lenovo bought them out. You now essentially are looking at an IBM laptop. Which you know means quality. The G570 might not look like much, but it’s more than enough. With an i3 2nd gen sandy bridge processor, 4GB DDR 3 memory, 500GB hard drive @ 5400RPM – and HD Graphics 3000, you will have more than enough for basic word processing, excel, online homework, and even some older games. It has 4 USB ports and weighs in at 5.73 pounds with a 15.6″ screen (1366×768 resolution) – With a battery life of just over 4 hours, it’s a great portable machine with a bigger screen size perfect for everyday and school use.


Relatively long battery life compared to most laptops

Super fast 2nd generation processor

Video, songs, and apps are stored in a wireless iCloud system

The screen is big, but not too big, its perfect

Perfect for school work and web browsing


Wish it had better integrated graphics, but this is for school after all