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Kindle Fire Review

Tablets  7.5/10


Kindle Fire Tablet
This multi touch, full color tablet is the first fully functional computing device from Amazon versus their ereader devices. Movies, videos, games, music and email are now fully available on the Fire. Users wanting quick access to email and a solid device to return messages will find that the Kindle Fire is very comfortable to hold in the hand for typing full-bodied emails, and is also great for just reading text or watching a movie.

The Fire has 8GB of space on the tablet itself and uses WiFi to access material from the cloud. Amazon deftly offers unlimited space on its cloud of servers so swapping out material
onto the Fire is easy. More than 1 million Kindles are selling per week, with a big boost coming from the launch of the Fire. The 7-inch screen is also compact enough to fit easily in a purse or pocket. Portability is why this tablet stands out on top.

Oh, and did we mention price? Because the Kindle Fire is $199, half that of other tablet devices with nearly the same capabilities. The price is famously $199.


Great for Amazon digital Media

Fast Web Browser

Must Have Apps Available

Great Price/Value


No 3G Wireless

No Camera

Storage Limited to 8G (use cloud)

Screen Brightness not the best

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