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How to Choose the Best Mascara for Your Lashes

With so many different brands and formulas to choose from, selecting a mascara isn’t always an easy task. Lash assessment is key. Figuring out what type of lashes you have and the look you are trying to achieve are the most important steps.

There are several different categories that mascaras break down into; volumizing, lengthening, and a combination of both. Short thick lashes require a lengthening mascara. Long thin lashes require a volumizing mascara.

Short thin lashes require the combination mascara which is a little of both but not too much of either. Why is this so important? Using a volumizing mascara on short thick lashes will enhance the shortness by looking clumpy. Using a lengthening mascara on long thin lashes with enhance the thinness and look spidery.

Mascara Brushes

The other factor in how a mascara achieves a look is in the magic of the brush. A large wand with dense bristles adds volume, a thinner less dense brush helps to separate and define and a curved brush helps to curl the lashes. Other factors to consider…a waterproof option, choice of color and also price.

Mascara is a high turnover product that should be changed out every 2-3 months. If you are on a cosmetic budget, this is an area to save some money. If walking down the makeup isle is too overwhelming, consult an expert at a beauty counter for a little expertise.

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