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How to Apply Mascara: 5 Steps for Proper Application

Proper application of a mascara can not only enhance the lashes to their fullest potential but also stretch the life of your mascara as well. If you are using a lash curler be sure to curl them first before applying mascara.

When removing the applicator from the tube do not “pump” it in and out to add more product to the brush. This pushes air into the tube and dries it out quicker. Open the tube without removing the applicator all the way and roll the brush in a circular motion inside the tube so it has enough mascara on the brush.

If there is too much product simply brush it back in the tube. It will get pushed back in when you close it up. Always start the mascara application at the base of the lashes and wiggle the brush back and forth as you move upward. This separates the lashes and helps to apply the product evenly.

Turn the brush so that you have used both sides before returning it to the tube. For the bottom lashes use the tip of the brush to coat them evenly. If you prefer a more dramatic look then go back over the lashes and apply a second coat.

Lastly, comb the lashes from base to tip removing any clumps or excess product with a lash comb. Any smudges around the eye can be removed with a Q-tip and a little makeup remover.

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