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HiTech Review

Smartphone and iPhone Cases  8.0/10


HiTech Closeout Smartphone and iPhone CasesA major retailer of smartphone and laptop accessories, HiTech Closeout features products at surprisingly low prices. Whether you need a protective case, screen shield, armband, or charger, you’ll find plenty of products to choose from. The website lets you search by category, carrier, or brand and offers accessories for all the major manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, etc. The company’s selection seems pretty comprehensive if not too varied—you won’t find many wild, uniquely designed cases. But if you just need something simple at a fair price, you’ll be pleased with what HiTech Closeout has to offer.


Offers cases and accessories at low, competitive prices

Includes products for major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, etc.

Supplies car accessories like phone chargers, FM transmitters, and outlet splitters

Provides screen protectors for iPhones, Blackberrys, and Androids

Cases made of durable materials like leather or hard plastic


Not as many designs available

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