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Head Ti S5 Comfortzone

Women’s Tennis Racquet  8.5/10


Head Ti S5 Comfortzone Women's Tennis Racquet
Providing excellent control for beginner and intermediate players, this Head Ti S5 Comfortzone Performance tennis racquet has an enlarged sweetspot for maximizing the power of each shot and a nicely balanced head for comfort and maneuverability. For the reasonable price of $69.95, it’s a durable, all-purpose racquet perfect for practice or playing. With the extra control it provides, this Head racquet will boost players’ confidence on the court. We liked the spin it provided and the punchy power of each hit.

Quick Specs

  • 27 ¾” length
  • 107” head

Vibration reducing technology

Comes with cover

Good balance

Enlarged sweetspot

Ideal for beginners or intermediates



Not for more advanced players


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