Head MicroGel

Women’s Tennis Racquet  8.5/10


Head MicroGel Women's Tennis Racquet
While the Head MicroGel Mojo Green tennis racquet does not come prestrung (it costs around $30 to $40 to have that done professionally), devoted players say it’s well worth the price. A racquet for advanced players, it possesses excellent balance and provides superb control. With a smaller head than most beginner’s racquets, it is also very maneuverable, allowing you to perform complicated swings. At $150, it’s on the pricey side, but serious tennis players looking for an easy-to-handle racquet with the required control will find it a valuable choice.

Quick Specs

  • 100” head
  • 27” length

Great balance

Excellent control


For advanced players


Not prestrung

Does not come with a cover



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