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Ginsu 7112 Review

Knife Set  9/10


Ginsu 7112 Review: Chikara 12-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set with Bamboo BlockGinsu may have initially given itself a bad name with those infamous infomercials, but the quality of its knives has improved remarkably over the years, and this Chikara knife set is no exception. The blades of forged Japanese stainless steel are incredibly sharp and retain their edges well. The set includes all the essential tools you’ll need, including the handy chefs knife and santoku knife for all your chopping and mincing. We loved how sturdy and heavy the knives feel in the hand. They definitely don’t feel cheap, and they shouldn’t for $95.99. The resin handles can lose some of their shiny finish after a couple washings, but if it’s important to you, some oil can restore the luster.


Resin handles are heat- and water-resistant and fit comfortably in the hand

Blades retain their sharp edges and resist stains and rust

Dishwasher safe (but hand-washing recommended)

Limited lifetime warranty

Forged blades are strong and powerful

Solid, well-balanced feel


Handles’ finish can become dull after washing

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