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Garmin 010-00991-01

Nüvi 50 GPS Navigator  7.5/10


Garmin 010-00991-01
If you want a portable GPS device for a low price and you’re satisfied with just the bare-bones functions, then the Garmin Nüvi 50 is a solid choice. It’s available for $117.99, and it readily plots the best route to get you from Point A to Point B. The simple interface is the same as it has been with Garmin for a while, with the starting menu that asks you “Where To?” or “View Map.” The 5-inch screen is bright and colorful, but we noticed the graphics aren’t quite as sharp as some of the more expensive models. Regardless, the Garmin Nüvi 50 is fairly easy to program and navigate, and its turn-by-turn directions include street names for extra helpfulness.


Great value

Speaks street names and directions

Large, bright display

User-friendly interface

Simple design


No Bluetooth, traffic updates, or Internet connectivity

Doesn’t include the dashboard adhesive mount (you can request it from the website)

Images are slightly pixelated and not a clear


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