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Fosmon Technology 30-MI3101-06 Review

6-Foot HDMI to Mini-HDMI Cable for Smartphones  8.5/10


Fosmon Technology 30-MI3101-06For a simple HDMI cable for connecting a smartphone to a TV, this Fosmon Technology cable does the trick quite well. The 6-foot HDMI cable is long enough to let you set your phone where you want it. The cable connects to HDTVs, DVD players, game consoles, DVRs, and set top boxes so you can stream videos and other media on the big screen. The gold-plated Type D connector fits snugly and transfers uncompressed HD video and clear audio. While picture quality can vary depending on your phone and the source of the video, the HDMI cable itself serves its intended purpose well and costs just $2.80.


Connects smartphone to TV for streaming videos and viewing documents

10.2 Gbps data rate is high speed

Transfers uncompressed HD video and audio in great resolution higher than 1440p

Connects to HDTVs, DVD players, game consoles, set top boxes, and DVRs

Great price


Picture quality may vary depending on your phone and the video source

Some TVs may not recognize a phone’s video output


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