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Fortte Review

Smartphone and iPhone Cases  9.0/10


Fortte Smartphone and iPhone CasesFortte provides cases for the professional-minded customers. Its protective cases are made of fine leather that is as stylish as it is functional. Whether you’re dressing up your smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, or e-reader, Fortte has plenty of designs and styles to choose from. It even lets you customize your case, choosing the dimensions and colors so you can have a unique case specially tailored to match your favorite college or sports team. Embossing is a nice option, too, making for a special personalized gift. When businesses place orders for over 12 embossed cases, they receive a special discount.


Offers a discount for orders of more than 12 cases with an embossed logo or name

Provides stylish, professional-looking cases for smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and more

Embosses names, initials, company logos and names for an additional fee

Includes protective cases in customizable colors for favorite sports teams or colleges

Provides a variety of styles, like flip cases, open faces, pouches, and wallets

The universal collection lets you choose the dimensions, colors, embossing, and clip options


High-end products mean high-end prices

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