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Food Processor Accessories

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Some of the high-end food processor models come with a dizzying array of blades, slicing discs, and other accessories that promise to make your kitchen work easier. Indeed they can, provided that you know what each accessory is for and when to use it.


The S-blade is the most basic feature of the food processor, found in virtually every model. It gets its name from the two curved blades that extend from the center. This blade is responsible for most of the chopping, slicing, grinding, and grating your food processor will perform. The best blades are stainless steel because they stay sharp and don’t break or rust.

Dough Blade

Similar to the S-blade in shape, the dough blade has straighter edges good for kneading and mixing dough for bread. The dough blade is either metal or a durable plastic.

Egg Whip

With two wide paddles, the egg whip spins around and beats or whips eggs quickly. This accessory can be useful for whipping egg whites for special sauces, creams, and dessert recipes.


A citrus juicer is a dome-shaped top that goes on the shaft and squeezes the juice from fruits like grapefruit, lemons, or oranges. Another type of juicer strains the juice from fruits when they pass through the feed chute. It collects the pulp while leaving the juices at the bottom of the bowl.

Slicing Discs

A flat metal disc with an upraised row of fine teeth, the Julienne disc cuts food into long, thin ribbons.
A French fry disc looks much the same but its serrated edges are wider, yielding thicker slices of food.


Some food processors come with a spatula to thoroughly scrape food mixes from the bowl.

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