Tune Belt AB84 Review

Gym Running Sport Armband Case for iPhone 5/5S  9/10


Tune Belt AB84For the active iPhone user, this Tune Belt sport armband case keeps the iPhone secured snugly to an arm even in its OtterBox case. If you’re a jogger, biker, or gym rat, you’ll appreciate the simple design of this armband and its reasonable price of just $17.95. The clear, protective window safeguards the iPhone while allowing you to access the phone’s touchscreen. The armband fits the iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c Defender Cases and iPhone 4 / 4S Defender / Commuter Series Cases. We like the convenience of using an armband without having to remove the iPhone from its case. Additionally, the armband is comfortable on the arm and is washable.


Secure, comfortable armband accommodates phones in their cases

Lets you adjust the length of your earphones


Adjusts from 9–16 inches

Has a clear window and a flap that allows you to use smartphone

Keeps phone from bouncing or sliding down arm


Window cover may stick to iPhones with a protective film cover


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