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CARB Compliant Leaf Blowers

By Brittany Rowland
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As you browse the selection of gas leaf blowers, you’ll find some listed as CARB compliant and others as non-CARB compliant. CARB stands for California Air Resource Board, an organization that maintains strict air-quality regulations for engines. Other states besides California have adopted these guidelines to ensure that motors release minimal gas emissions into the environment. Just as your car must pass the emissions test, so must other engines.

So what does it mean if a leaf blower’s motor is CARB compliant? Does it mean it doesn’t release any harmful pollutants into the air? Not entirely. Even motors that comply with the CARB regulations release some gas emissions, but they generally run cleaner. Non-CARB compliant motors do not pass these guidelines, and as a result may be banned in California and other states.

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