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Capresso 303.01 Review

Espresso/Cappuccino Machine  7.5/10


capresoo 30301An entry-level espresso machine and only $59.95, this Capresso model has a simple black design and easy-to-use controls. The steam and the boiler heat up rapidly within minutes so you can make up to four lattes or cappuccinos in no time. The frother wand is a tad short, but it swivels around easily. We liked the hands-on approach to making espressos with this machine and being able to adjust the coffee’s strength and taste. A nice accessory to this Capresso machine is a stylish glass carafe that you can wash in the dishwasher. For a beginner’s espresso machine, you’ll be pleased with the brewing process and the results.


Froth wand swivels for easy access

Includes removable drip tray and glass carafe

Controls to adjust coffee strength

Steam and boiler heats up within 2 minutes for fast brewing

Quickly steams milk for cappuccinos and lattes


Doesn’t make a thick crema


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