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Builtny Review

Smartphone and iPhone Cases  8.0/10


Builtny Smartphone and iPhone CasesBased in New York City, Builtny creates fashionable cases, totes, and bags for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and e-readers. You can choose from pouches, sleeves, zippered bags, and hard and soft cases and specify your desired color or pattern. There’s a wide selection of polka dot, stripe, and floral patterns. The company blends fashion with function, providing protective cases that cushion your smartphones and protect them from bumps and everyday wear and tear. The prices are quite reasonable, too. With so many style choices, you’ll be pleased with how attractively they dress up smartphones.


Has a variety of styles and materials to choose from

Its neoprene sleeves protect smartphones with a slim, form-fitting design

Has ergonomic hard cases and silicone soft cases

Low, reasonable prices

Blends fashion with function

Its zippered bags fit multiple types of phones

Lets you customize the colors and patterns


Limited in the number of brands it covers

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