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Bose IE2 Review

Audio Headphones  8.5/10


Bose IE2If you want to enjoy the full quality of sound while you exercise or go about your daily business, then you probably need small earbuds instead of bulky over-the-ears headphones. The Bose IE2 audio headphones fit the bill perfectly. Designed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable, they come with tips in three sizes so they stay put even if you’re jogging or dancing. Bose doesn’t skimp on the sound quality, either. You’ll hear the full range of sounds, from clear highs to deep bass without distortion. These are probably the best earbud headphones you can find, providing a clear, natural sound, and they’re available for $99.95.


Compatible with most mp3 players

Sleek, unobtrusive design

Easy to wear on the go without the earbuds slipping out

Detailed, natural sound with great rangev

Long-lasting quality and durability

Stay put even when you’re exercising

Full, clear bass

Include small, medium, and large StayHear tips


Don’t block out outside noises



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