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New Trent iPad Keyboard Case

Rotating Keyboard Case for iPad  8/10


New Trent iPad Keyboard CaseCompatible with the iPad 2, 3, and 4, the New Trent iPad Keyboard Case is an ideal accessory for people who want to do a lot of typing with their tablets without relying on the touchscreen keypad. This clamshell case rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to prop it open like a laptop and type comfortably on the low-profile Bluetooth keyboard. The case also features an automatic shut-off magnet, saving you battery life on your iPad every time you close it. We were impressed with the sleek, sturdy design of the case and its attractive matte finish. It also has generous battery life. The case is affordable at $36.95.


Low-profile Bluetooth keyboard designed to be comfortable, with quiet typing

Adjustable stand supports iPad in vertical and horizontal positions

Auto shut-off magnet makes it easy to shut off and pack up iPad

Lightweight and sturdy clamshell case with attractive matte finish

Rechargeable battery offers 100 hours of use


Keyboard slides out but does not completely separate from the case

Keyboard could be wider for bigger hands


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