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Bissell 33A1

Pet Hair Eraser Hand-Held Vacuum  8.5/10


Bissell 33A1
A convenient tool for any pet owner, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser effectively removes long and short pet hair from hardwoods, carpets, upholstery, and cars. Featuring a rounded, ergonomic handle, the device is incredibly lightweight. The long 16-foot cord lets you cover an entire room without worrying about charging up the vacuum or having to switch outlets. There are 2 interchangeable nozzles: a hard one for vacuuming dry messes and cleaning cars, and a flexible rubber one that works on stairs and furniture. Much more effective and efficient than a lint roller, this vacuum is reasonably priced at $28.54.


Interchangeable nozzles snap in and out of place easily

Cleans hard surfaces, carpets, stairs, and cars

Ergonomic handle with fingertip controls

1-year limited warranty

Great value

Sucks up pet hair quickly without clogging

Cord is long enough to cover whole rooms


Vacuum opening is somewhat small

Can blow out hair from exhaust if not held correctly

Fairly noisy


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